Roof Top Bar (Hotel Torni- Helsinki)

Protests in Madrid Centre

More on Protests in Spain

Lunch in Blanes

Camino De Santiago-goats

Camino De Santiago- see the walkers

Hotel in San Sebastian

Aydius (Village in France)

In the French Pyrenees

Le Bourget-Du-Lac (Near Chambery)-Connies Bday

Traditional Performance in Rovinj with Viki Malesic

Taxi Boat ride in Rab

Budapest – Chimmey Cake (Kürtöskalács)

Ridem Cowboy – Horse Museum, Budapest

Rapping in Krakow

Happy Names Day in Srem for Halinka

Squirrels in Warsaw

2 Responses to “VIDEOS”
  1. Steve Dad says:

    happy birthday connie from daddy…. looks amazing

  2. Annie sister says:

    Just found all your vids. Lovely. Next host of getaway perhaps? : ) not too many pivo matty : )

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