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9 Responses to “News from home”
  1. Marijana says:

    Your blogs are getting me excited about our trip. Thank you! Reads like you are already having a great time but I hope noone tells Lucy uncle Matt ate Rudolph 🙂

    Look forward to seeing you in Sipak!

    xx Christians

  2. Rony and Max says:

    Max was admitted to the legal profession today so we were at the supreme court for him to be swore in. Started our own gastonomic odyssey with Annie, will send pics soon tee hee xx
    Nothing else to report! (did u see eurovision?)

  3. Nicole says:

    Hi Guys – so sorry to hear about the robbery. Hope you are bouncing back OK from that – not a nice experience. Graeme and I have been eagerly awaiting your time in Barcelona, as it is one of our favourite cities. If you have time, Casa Batllo and La Pedrera (especially the chimneys on the roof) are must sees. The Gaudi architecture is truly waaaaay ahead of his time. It has been wonderful to be able to follow your travels and see your pics – sure beats grey, chilly Melbourne at the mo. Judging by Matt’s t-shirt on the rooftop bar, at least you are getting warmer weather than Finland. Travel safe. Continued Adventures. Love Nicole x

  4. chris-----MUM says:

    Hello connie and matt im enjoying reading and seeing photos of your trip. you look like you are relaxing a lot and enjoying the beautiful sites.
    also because it is a special day, ie. 6th june, i want to wish you connie a very happy Birthday. i know it will be one to remember for a long time.
    Love Mum

  5. Irene says:

    Happy Birthday Con…have an awesome day…hope you ate lots of baguettes, cheese, croissants and eclairs for me in France! xx

  6. Rasika says:

    Hi Connie, Happy Birthday!!!!!
    Hope you will have a lovely b’day in France!!! 🙂
    Love from Rasika & kids

  7. Sandra says:

    happy birthday Con ! what a fab site this is that you guys have set up to share your adventures through europe ! am SO jealous. enjoy ! and look forward to catching up with you when you get back. lots of love from me, tony & our little eva xox

  8. Susie Byast says:

    Happy belated Connie… where do the days go??? I look forward to reading all your blogs, and see what the next day holds for you. What an adventure!!! Enjoy. Love from all of us xxx

  9. Belinda says:

    Matt and Connie
    This looks like the trip of a lifetime ! How magnificent ! Hope you both enjoy every moment of it ! I am sooooo jealous !

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