Farewell to Spain !

Ahhh… Pintxos… It’s a love hate relationship, a little like our marriage. You always want them and get excited about them, but there are sooo many Pintxos (P) bars here to choose from. This is part of the problem. They are like a drug of addiction. You go into a bar and you think you … Continue reading

Day 15 -17 – San Sebastian; OMG Food Heaven

We are now in San Sebastian in the Basque region of northern Spain. It is truly a foodie’s paradise. We are really spoiling ourselves here and it is in such contrast to our time walking through the Rioja region. We have a great hotel right on the main beach (Concha) with views of an incredible … Continue reading

Day 16 – Akelare Restaurante – Our 3 Star Michelin Experience

Information to follow……watch this space

Day 11-14 – Camino De Santiago (The way of St James)

Camino de Santiago – Matt’s impressions. Six months ago Connie told me about a pilgrims walk that people do across France and Spain and I immediately began googling for information. The route is 900kms long and takes the hardcore pilgrim over a month to walk. The walk has religious significance for many pilgrims but for … Continue reading

Day 10 – Our Best Day Yet & Happy Birthday Irene xxx

My gorgeous cousin Asia picked us up from Arenys for a wonderful day along the coast. If we have not explained already, Asia/Ana Bordas, is my cousin through my Polish family but her father is Spanish, so she is my Polish/Spanish cousin, hence the 2 names. It is her brother Miquel Bordas that we also … Continue reading

Day 9 – Lets get out of here

Don’t visit the Segarda Familia at 12 noon on a Sunday – there will be a queue ! It wound around several streets but moved surprising quickly. I watched Connie moving along while I checked footy scores thanks to the MacDonaldsWifi across the street. We don’t normally do “churches” but this was an exception. An … Continue reading

Day 8 – Ola Ana

Met Asia (Ana)  (Miquel’s sister) and her dog at the station in Barcelona at 10:30 pm last night. Drive across town with a quick stop to see Segarda Familia at night (impressive) then home to the flat to sleep. Spent the day today in Barcelona city Walked our way from the flat up to Parc … Continue reading

Day 7 – Adios Miquel

A lazy day today. Took some time to catch up on rest, and Connie had to wash her hair! Into Madrid for one last Tapas in Madrid and then went to visit the demonstration again in the centre of town. The protestors have turned it into a mini city; we can’t understand how they are … Continue reading

Day 6 – Holy Toledo !

Took our time this morning to not rush off the instant we woke. Took the metro and a bus to the town of Toledo, arriving about 2pm. It’s about an hour from Madrid. The old town is a walled city on top of a hill surrounded by water. We hopped on the tourista train that … Continue reading

Day 5 – Uno Cerveze, Par Favour

Arrived safely in Madrid last night – no more plane trips for 7 weeks – yay ! Miquel, Connie’s Polish cousin, was there to greet us and make us feel welcome to Spain. The quick tutorial on using the Metro will no doubt come in handy. We are staying in Miquel’s apartment in a suburb … Continue reading

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