Our 50 Favourite Photos


Matt’s 50 Memorable Moments

Sleeping and Showering in Hong Kong airport Wandering around Helsinki at 6am on a Sunday morning waiting for cafes and hotels to start opening. Eating national animals – Reindeer Rissoles in Helsinki, Bull Ravioli in Madrid Going to bed in bright light at 10:30pm in Helsinki Being in Helsinki when Finland won the 2011 Ice … Continue reading

Remember us??

Hi all, Yes we are nearly on our way home after 2 months…eeek. Excited, nervous, veryvery tired, hot & sweaty, very full after our final lunch here, another huge blister on my foot & a bad throat (Connie) but ready to go. We have time for one final chinese massage or maybe we will just … Continue reading

Day 1 – Getting there

I guess our journey starts in Portarlington on Friday the 13th (of all days) with hugs for Moby who doesn’t know what he is in for over the next 8 weeks. Chris takes us into Geelong where we catch a train to Melbourne. Elissa and Lucy are there to meet us and we make our … Continue reading

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