Matt’s 50 Memorable Moments

  1. Sleeping and Showering in Hong Kong airport
  2. Wandering around Helsinki at 6am on a Sunday morning waiting for cafes and hotels to start opening.
  3. Eating national animals – Reindeer Rissoles in Helsinki, Bull Ravioli in Madrid
  4. Going to bed in bright light at 10:30pm in Helsinki
  5. Being in Helsinki when Finland won the 2011 Ice Hockey World Cup
  6. Eating dinner after 10pm in Spain
  7. Discovering Pintxos for the first time (Toledo)
  8. Meeting up with Miguel in Madrid and Asia in Barcelona
  9. Witnessing the demonstrations against the government in Madrid centre
  10. Travelling on a train doing 305 km/h between Madrid and Barcelona
  11. Drinking homemade wine with Asia on the pier at Blanes
  12. The whole of our walk on the Camino de Santiago
  13. Our tiny room in Najera
  14. Walking into our room for the first time in San Sebastian and seeing the view of Concha beach
  15. Experiencing the nightlife of San Sebastian on a Saturday night
  16. Eating in a 3-star Michelin Restaurant (Akelarre, San Sebastian)
  17. Our meal at Bodegon Alejandro Restaurant
  18. Driving ourselves through the Pyrenees
  19. Our Meal with Gillian and Roger in Plaigne
  20. Discovering Le Bourget Du Lac, our Nirvana near Chambery
  21. Dinner at Atmosphere for Connie’s Birthday
  22. Meeting up with Rony and Max in Torino
  23. Watching Venetians going about their life on the Canals
  24. The strange commentary by the Croatian Ferry captain going from Venice to Rovinj
  25. First time eating Cevapi in Croatia (Rovinj)
  26. Lunch by the water in Rovinj old city
  27. The beautiful beach weather in Croatia
  28. Meeting up with Marijana, Brett, Jure and Barica in the village
  29. Picking wild Mushrooms in the forest
  30. Lunch in the mountains with Brett and Marijana
  31. The Man Shed in Baska
  32. The rough boat taxi ride in Baska
  33. Nearly missing the ferry to Rab
  34. Seeing nude hikers in Rab
  35. Nude sunbathing and swimming in Rab
  36. Getting a direct ride to Plitvice Lakes from Rab on a tour bus
  37. The whole day at Plitvice Lakes
  38. The train trip to Budapest without water and changing to a bus to cross the border with Croatia
  39. Getting drunk and lost in Budapest
  40. Connie tipping a waitress 10c in a Budapest Cafe after getting confused by a new currency
  41. Discovering Chimney Cake
  42. The performance of Balkanic Zeppelin
  43. Riding a mechanical horse in Budapest Museum
  44. The bus to Krakow being pulled over for speeding
  45. Watching “Australia” on the bus to Krakow, in Hungarian, subtitles in English, driving through Slovakia
  46. Our huge first traditional Polish meal in Krakow
  47. Going fishing in Srem in a tiny boat with Szymon and Maciej and catching a big Szczupak
  48. Meeting all the Polish relatives
  49. The friendly Squirrels in Lazienki Park in Warsaw
  50. Getting home to Moby

A Memorable time at Plitvice Lakes, Croatia

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