Honkers – Hot, Hot, Hot !

I (Matt) had forgotton what the heat is like in Hong Kong. As you leave the airconditioning of the airport you wilt. Especially after leaving Poland where it had been quite cool the days before. The two flights it took to get here (we had to go via Helsinki) meant a combined time of 11 hours flying !

Despite the heat and jet lag we were determined to make the most of our last three days. We stayed in the Tsim Sha Tsui region of Hong Kong which is close to the Harbour as well as the Temple street markets. The first day we only managed a bit of a food crawl through various street vendors combined with very long (and cheap) massages. We were also able to witness the nightly light show in the harbour area from our hotel room – courtesy of a harbour view upgrade !

Hotel View

On day 2 we got the star ferry to Hong Kong Island where we chanced upon a beer festival. Within minutes I (Matt) had a yard glass of Stella around my neck and my novalty beer festival fan in my hand. Soon I was watching live bands, hamburger eating contests and pole dancing demonstrations….mmmmmm pole dancing. Not sure Connie was quite as interested. After heading back to our Hotel and having a quick rest it was back to the Harbour for a boat tour. We got to witness the light show again, find out a bit more about Hong Kong and enjoy the open bar on the boat! A very late dinner followed, our latest night out yet and our last. This restaurant, like many of them, had a big fish tank display out the front. Connie was a little saddened to see a very big turtle and a big frog in the tank waiting to be ordered off the menu, but I guess its just as much fun for the fish.

Beer Festival

So here we are on our last day abroad! I am in the hotel lobby writing this blog having just enjoyed a final meal of peking duck and fried whole fish. Our last supper as it were. Connie is off having a final massage and I am keeping an eye on the footy scores in Melbourne. It has been an incredible 2 months of highs and lows and every experience (and expense) in between.  We hope to write a couple of summing up posts soon – so keep posted.

Our last supper

Thanks for reading and thanks for your comments along the way.

ps: If you haven’t done so yet, check out the photo & video sections, (you can open the photos up too see them bigger)


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