Remember us??

Hi all,

Yes we are nearly on our way home after 2 months…eeek.

Excited, nervous, veryvery tired, hot & sweaty, very full after our final lunch here, another huge blister on my foot & a bad throat (Connie) but ready to go. We have time for one final chinese massage or maybe we will just opt to hang out in the air-conditioning of the hotel until our bus arrives?

We still have 2 more posts to do for Warsaw and Hong Kong so don’t give up yet, we just aren’t sure if we will get them done before we head back to home.

We can’t wait to see you all and can’t wait for our own bed.

And naturally, we can’t stop talking about Moby and if he can sense we are coming back. We keep asking each other what we will do to him when we see him. I have a strong feeling he might get to sleep on the bed on Monday night 🙂

I wonder what the weather is like in Portarlington?

Elissa and Lucy are picking us up from the airport, I wonder if little Lucy has grown up even more.

Bye for now

Connie & Matt

3 Responses to “Remember us??”
  1. Annie sister says:

    Moby awaits you, tubby and all! X

  2. Kate says:

    Safe travels home, see you soon. Can’t wait for the world’s longest gossip!!

  3. vera jenkin says:

    Dear Connie and Matt I just want to say how much I have enjoyed your holiday it is almost like being there myself Thank you for sharing it with us Hugs and kisses Vera and Phillip

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