Plitvice Lakes – Simply Amazing !!!!!

Well it was certainly worth the wait and measured up to all the plaudits from people who have already seen it :

“You must go to Plitvice Lakes, it would be a crime to miss it”

“The best thing in Croatia”

Stuff like that.

I (Matt) wasn’t sure what to expect but it certainly exceeded my expectations. It is basically a National Park with a series of small lakes feeding into each other and ultimately one big lake at the bottom of a valley. The water is an unbelievably blue/green and so clear – I have never seen anything like it. The lakes are teeming with fish and other life and you are constantly being amazed by what you are seeing. I like a good waterfall, but when you literally see one around every corner you start to get a bit blasé. It’s hard to describe how beautiful this place is and how fast our 5-hour walk, boat ride and train ride around it, went. It really felt like you were in a kind of Utopia (except for all the other tourists). The pictures we took in no way do it justice I am afraid and I can only recommend everyone tries to see it once in their lives.

One of many Waterfalls

We lashed out and stayed in a hotel right in the Park, mainly for convenience sake. We need to get a good night sleep tonight as tomorrow we bus to Zagreb and then train to Budapest.

PS. The train ride to Budapest is interesting so far. After 40 minutes, the train stops and everyone starts getting off ? We had accidently go on a 1st class carriage and I thought the conductor was making us move carriages. I was offering him money but he kept yelling at us to get off – which actually meant get off the train. Everybody then boarded a bus. No explanation of this when we bought the ticket or now ! I think the bus drove us over the border into Hungary and then we got on another train. All fun and games. The train is also extremely hot and stuffy and we have no water for the next 5 hours………….woops !

3 Responses to “Plitvice Lakes – Simply Amazing !!!!!”
  1. Rony and Max says:

    Ive driven past about 3 times but still haven’t been in. Big whoops! Think it was just about closing time last time I was there. Oh well something for next time. Have some goulash for us x

    • Matt says:

      HI all

      Thanks for your comments & don’t worry Rony, goulash has already been consumed!
      Its been great to see little messages pop up along the way and we hope the blog has been at least a little interesting to you. FOr us it will be a great way to relive our memories.

      Not long until home time now. After we finish here in Budapest we are going to the mountains of Poland/Slovakia then about 1 week in Poland with family.
      Love to you all- looking forward to my own pillow. Hi to family, friends, work-mates, look forward to catching up xx

  2. Kate says:

    Hope the last 10 days or so doesn’t go too fast, and you have some more amazing expereinces and food. Sounds like you’ll remrember this trip forever.

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