In Rab with Baba

Well, despite the ferry incident and the numerous modes of transport, we finally made it to the island of Rab and indeed the town of Rab. We are glad we made the effort. Rab is a more sophisticated version of Baska, with a better quality of shops and restaurants.

We decided to stay right in the old city this time and found a room through the tourist office. The owner and resident of the house turned out to be a Baba mark II (Connie’s Croatian Grandmother). She was always up for a chat and in the end asked us to stay till Christmas. Connie was secretly hoping she would make us chicken noodle soup and Sarma (Cabbage Rolls), hinting that we were feeling a little sick.

Speaking of food, our appetites are pretty much back to normal now. Unfortunately there does not seem to be a great variety of traditional Croatian food on theses islands as they are largely catering to tourists – namely the hordes of Germans. But we still managed some nice meals during our stay.

Gnocchi and Stewed Meat

The weather keeps getting hotter and so we spent most of our time on various beaches, a taxi boat ride from the main port of Rab. Many of these beaches are nudist beaches and as the saying goes – when in Rome…..

I have developed my regular holiday ear infection so unfortunately no swimming for me 😦

Tomorrow we should finally make it to Plitvice, having got so close a week ago. The connections were looking difficult but we have managed to hitch a one-way ride with a tour bus that is taking tourists to the lakes for the day. Straight from the centre of Rab to the main gate of Plitvice Lakes – sweet !


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