Getting to Rab……

Because our plans were a little messed up with the gastro episode, our travels started heading in a different direction to what we first planned in Croatia.

After Baska one of the easiest Islands to get to was Rab. Well when we say easy, everyone seems to make it sound so hard when you first enquire about how to get there without a car. The plan also needed to include how we could get off Rab, to the main land, to then make out way to Plitvice. Well… that’s just impossible without a car the tourist agency claims, or we have to go some long convoluted way to do that.

As I (Connie) have learnt from earlier travels, don’t always accept the first answer you get when asking for assistance in a foreign country. If you think there is a way then ask someone else or ask again in a different way. We toyed with the idea of then hiring a car just so we could island hop then get onto the main land and straight to Plitvice. We made some calls, did some sums and still my instincts said no. There has to be an easier way to do this. And there was. Of course a car is more direct and often quicker, but what’s the experience of travelling for if you are not going to mix it up with some planes, trains and automobiles (or Brett, bus, taxi, ferry then bus)

The main reason I am writing a blog entry simply about getting to Rab is at my disbelief on how we nearly did not get onto the Ferry. We got to the Ferry port half an hour early, as instructed, and waited for it to arrive. It was a little late. As it arrived  we moved to the berth of where it was pulling in. The cars and motorbikes were lined up in the lane allocated to them. So, first the cyclists got on, then the motorbikes, cars & 1 campervan. We waited patiently for the signal from the ferrymen to step on board, there was only ourselves and one other guy there with luggage and no other means of transport. Of course there were other people standing around just watching the big boat and possibly waiting for the next ferry.

No-one signalled to us, no-one looked at us or acknowledged us. Then suddenly, the ramp to the ferry started to lift up. WTF!! We looked at each other, and I looked at the other guy waiting and asked if he was going to Rab, he said, yes. Hmm, were we looking at the wrong ferry, is there another entrance for passengers? No. This was our ferry and it was leaving, just like that. I waved my hands at the guys that were working on the boat, standing just meters away from us only a minute ago, yelling out Rab, Rab, shrugging my shoulders and quietly swearing under my breathe. How can they just go? The ferrymen look at each other and shrug their shoulders and the guy on the ramp starts to untie the ferry, it starts to move. No way was I going to stay there and wait another 3 hours. Finally someone signalled, they put the ferry in reverse and the ramp comes down again….

So we were getting on, but it was bloody close. It took me a good half hour of shaking my head asking why they did not even look at us or signal us to get on, but once again, I remind myself that when travelling, sometimes you need to insist and get what you need to move on with your travels.

So on the ferry to Rab we go ….. Good thing is, that day of travel coincided well with the weather. It was a little drizzly and quite windy, but once we got to our destination the sun was out again, perfect timing.

Arriving at last - Island of Rab

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