Basking in Baska

Currently recuperating from our bout of Gasto on the Croatian island of Krk (yes no vowels) in the beautiful town of Baska. It would be true to say that our Gastronomical Odyssey has somewhat stalled as we have been eating very small amounts of plain food as our stomachs have still not fully returned to normal. But, we are still having a great time here.

Marijana, Brett and Oliver made their way over to the island by car while we caught a couple of buses with a stop in Rijeka for a couple of hours. We have rented an apartment with them – it has a great sunny courtyard and a man-shed that would shame any in Australia. We were lucky enough to be invited in to the shed, which belongs to the owner of the apartment, where we enjoyed a few homemade liquors.

Man shed Croatian style

We have basically spent most of our days on or near the beach. It is surrounded by mountains and is only about a 5 minute walk from the apartment. The water is crystal clear and a perfect temperature. The sand ? well this beach is rated as one of the best in Croatia but no where near up to Australian standards.

On one of our three days here Connie and I took a water taxi to another beach called Vela Luka. It was much more secluded, so much so, that we witnessed naked hikers descending from the mountains ! Ironically, we chose the roughest day to travel in the taxi (basically a big rubber dinghy). I ended up sitting up the front and was tossed around like a cork in the ocean (thanks Dennis). Luckily some Italians gave me their beach mats to sit on half way across to save any more bruising on my bum.

Brett and Marijana are now off to Zadar to visit family whilst Connie and I will hop over to the Island of Rab where hopefully our Gastronomic Odyssey will be kick started. We are still yet to have an ice cream in Croatia !!!!

It was nice to be able to share a small part of our holiday with some friends and we appreciate all the help they gave us – driving us to and from bus stations and having the apartment already to go when we arrived in Baska. Connie has enjoyed getting to know baby Oliver better too.

Cocktails by the beach (gastro will not defeat us)


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