Another type of Village experience


Well the village stay was lovely on a whole, and we did end up staying a third night after all, but in fact this was only because we got hit with gastro. That second evening we were in bed, full tummies, ready to head off for a big walk at the Plitvice lakes. We were feeling fuller and perhaps a bit more uncomfortable than normal and about 3 am it all started! Matt was first off the ranks and Brett followed soon after. Yes I mean they ran to the bathroom to bring up last nights dinner. I was up before Brett could get out of the bathroom so I went free range. Form them on the 3 of us were in a symphony of bathroom visits, no more details needed.

The next day we were like zombies, no energy, still a little nervous and not eating anything much at all. Of course Barica whipped up some fresh home made beef consommé for us to have in the evening, but that was about all we could manage. Unfortunately everyone else was also sick in one way or another, even baby Oliver, but I think the 3 of us got it the worst. So that day was a wipe out and no visits to the lakes occurred. Back to the drawing board for planning and over the day plans came together to travel to an island where we would meet up with M&B again for a beach stay. Not much fun getting hit with this bug but it was probably the best place it could happen because we had lots of TLC from Barica. We all hope to be feeling better real soon.

Help me !


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