R & R in Rovinj

Dobra dan, from Istria, Croatia.


We have just spent a lovely 2 full days relaxing in beautiful Rovinj, doing nothing much at all. We have finally had some very good beach weather, which has coincided nicely with our arrival in this beach resort/fishing village.


We ended up staying in a 2 room apartment in Borik, which was about a 30 minute walk into Rovinj. Luckily for us though the water taxi (20 kuna each) into town was only 5 minutes away so we used that a fair bit. It was nice to be out of town a bit as we found some great restaurants over looking the bay back to Rovinj’s old town and the beaches were slightly better here. I must say though it is hard to get used to beaches without sand – only rocks. But its great to be swimming in beautiful clear, warm water in the middle of June.


The only problem with the apartment was the mosquito attack that came each night. I was usually awoken about 3am by Connie stealthy creeping around the room swotting at mossies with various improvised weapons. When we left 3 days later the white walls were covered in hundreds of tiny blood spots, and Connie a little weary from being on mozzie alert.


The diet has now changed to plenty of cevapcici and seafood. We have enjoyed some great fish soups, whole grilled fish, grilled squid and lots of chips. We also had a big night on the slivovic (locally made plum brandy) and kruskavac  (pear liquor) trying to fit into local customs.

Cevapcici & Pivo


Last night we met up with Vicki Malesic and her German boyfriend Ruben who were in Rovinj for a holiday. It was a very last minute chance meeting, but lucky to have the time we did.There was also a celebration going on for a local regatta that had just finished so we were treated to some traditional Croatian music (see Video) while Connie caught up with her cousin. I was dying to request Volim Piti (a Croatian song I like and one we had at our wedding) but didn’t have the guts.

Connie and Viki Malesic and Rueben


I have been very impressed with Connie’s spoken Croatian. She is able to hold conversations with the locals but she is becoming increasingly frustrated with the local business people who insist on talking to us in German. Even when we order food and drink in Croatian the waiter will invariably use German when dealing with us. This is disappointing for Connie as she is trying hard to speak in their Native tongue. In defence of these waiters, it must be incredibly hard to speak in German and Italian (as that seems to be about 80% of the tourists) as well as English and Croatian. I guess when the majority of the people you deal with speak German its easier to just stick with the one language.


We are both excited now about heading inland to Karlovac to see Marijana and Brett and Connie’s dads nearby village. We will spend a night in the village before moving onto Plitvice. We are currently on the 4 hour bus trip to Karlovac. Good blog writing time…..






Note 1: I seem to be caught in an endless cycle of drinking and going to the toilet. The only way I can use a toilet is to buy a drink at one of the bars. By the time I have had that drink (admittedly usually a ½ litre of beer), an hour later I am looking for a bar again. I am seriously going about 10 times a day.


Note 2 : Now dealing with Euros and Kuna ! The confusion of converting Kuna to Euros and Euros to Dollars has seen us get ripped off a couple of times. The worst was paying 5 € (nearly $7) for a bottle of water. Overall though it’s pretty cheap, cheap here and we are able to use Euros quite a lot.


Note 3 : I apologise to Steve Malesic for any spelling mistakes of  Croatian words.


Bok !

Out to lunch in the old city of Rovinj


One Response to “R & R in Rovinj”
  1. Steve Dad says:

    Don’t worry about spelling just be very aware thta I am very jealous of you
    It’s bloody freezing here
    Our turn next year!!!
    luv u

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