Torino – The Land of Martinis, Nutella and Fiats

Yesterday we left France after extending our stay by one day in order to have an extra night in Le Bourget du Lac. The hospitality of our Dutch hosts had extended to doing our washing (drying and folding) and providing us with a great breakfast. It included a local sausage with walnuts. They were a really nice couple and have lived in France for 45 years. We are so glad we found their B&B in our last days in France.

Walnut Sausage for Breakfast

Italy, for us, was only ever going to be a quick stop – our exit point into Croatia. One of the late itinerary changes was a brief stop in Torino to catch up with Rony and Max who were there for a week as part of their 3 week holiday.

We are so glad we did as it was so nice to arrive in a city and be welcomed at the train station, be whisked away to our prearranged accommodation and not have to look at a map of another city. They had also worked out the customs of the city and so we could begin eating almost as soon as arriving !

One such custom is called aperitif and snacks. Before dinner you buy a drink (cocktails for us) for around 8 € and then help your self to an all you can eat smorgasbord of tasty treats. It includes all sorts of salads, pastas, vegetables, meats and seafood. For us, it worked out to be a very cheap dinner as after 3 helpings of the food we were all done for the day. I should note we also had a very big pasta meal in one of the Piazzas within half an hour of arriving in Torino.

Apertif in Torino

We did manage to fit in a walk around the city and have a rest in one of the parks. Most of the city streets are basically arcades, which was handy as it rained on and off most of the day. Also passed about 50 black gentlemen offering to sell us brightly coloured umbrellas so we had it pretty much covered.

All in all, a quick but pleasant stop. Thanks to Rony and Max for introducing us to Torino.

Currently on a 3.5 hour train trip to Venice.

One Response to “Torino – The Land of Martinis, Nutella and Fiats”
  1. Rosemary Veitenheimer says:

    Happy Birthday Connie – You are doing so well – keep on having fun!! I am enjoying your experiences second hand – Luv Rosie

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