How to do Venice in a day


  • Spend 40 minutes trying to locate your hotel using the directions supplied by hotel
  • Dispose of directions supplied by hotel
  • Buy a Map
  • Realise that 140 € gets you a very small room
  • Be prepared to walk a lot
  • Don’t be tempted to try the pizza at every Pizzeria
  • Be in awe of the sights, sounds and smells
  • Don’t take a photo of every Canal and Ponte  – there are a lot of them
  • Be prepared to pay a lot for alcohol everyhwhere and a lot less for food if you go off the beaten track a bit
  • Don’t eat in Piazza San Marco
  • Check out the Jewish Ghetto
  • There is nothing to buy here unless you need an ornate mask, glass blown animal or a fake bag
  • Stop for a while, read a book and just watch the people go about their business in this amazing city


Loved it here really !

Weather on the improve 🙂

On the Ferry (VIP class of course) going to Croatia. First stop, Rovinj ! Looking forward to our 2 weeks in Croatia and slowing down the pace a bit.


One Response to “How to do Venice in a day”
  1. Irene says:

    Your photo in Venice made me pull out my Europe album…there’s a photo of us 2 (with short hair) and a very similar background! Have fun in Croatia…

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