Connie’s Birthday – Final Stage of France

Day 24 (June 6th)

Woke up in Gihoc (valley of the damned) , still in the mindset of staying another night so that we can actually spend a full day somewhere and go for a walk, soak up the atmosphere and relax….. the driving has really worn us out. Concentrating on maps and making decisions along the way does get tiring. Matt was also very conscious that it was my birthday and he wanted me to have the perfect day…

So….. we head down for breakfast to chat about our plans for the day.

(We have not yet mentioned the serious fly problem we encountered through France. It is not in all places, but there seems to be quite a few places that we have come across that are occupied by many many flies, well breakfast in Gihoc was just another one of these places.) The weird grandma and her weird “townies” were also there to watch us eat and whisper about us. Not sure why they were whispering because it was in French. Anyway, I am getting off track.

I decide I just want to get to Chambery and at least use the day to get some washing done, find a nice restaurant in town for my birthday and chill out there, it was only a few hours away now and we might as well head for it. It also meant we could get to Turin on an earlier train the next day to catch up with Rony and Max.

So, one final time we changed our minds and we left Gihoc for Chambrey. The drive should have gotten us into Chambrey about 1ish. We finally get into Chambrey about 3ish and headed to tourist office (had one final stop off on the way for a final market shop and picnic lunch in the walnut groves).

Picnic Lunch in the Walnut Grove


We decide on one short final drive to stay just 20 mins out of town near a lake. We picked a B&B and called to book it. What would we know about the area, but near a lake sounds good and in fact Chambery is nestled in between some serious mountains so we thought we would get some views as well.

Got there about 4ish, we had to meet the owner at the church and we had to follow him to his place. We drove for about 5 minutes taking us up the hill, getting some glimpses of the lake on the way. Got there, sun was shining, dog greeted us, pool was glistening, lake was in full view, grass was green, mountains with snow were putting on a show and we were in our Nirvana!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ahhhhh...... Relaxing at last

I don’t need to say anymore really, just look at the photos and the recent video we put up. It should give you an idea of the spot we finished in France. Mind you within an hour I made one final change of plans and suggested we stay an extra night here because I could not bear to leave the next morning already. This did mean we were now going to arrive in Turin a day later. Called the hire care to extend a day, texted Rony & Max and all sorted. Bathers on, in the pool and voila, the day is perfect!

Ps: It just happened there was a restaurant we could walk to in 5 minutes that was Michelin recommended. Had an awesome birthday dinner there. See the photos.

Thanks to you all for your messages via email, text blog and so on.

Viva la France.

2 Responses to “Connie’s Birthday – Final Stage of France”
  1. Miquel says:


  2. Kate says:

    Happy Birthday Connietraversy – glad you finially found your Nirvana – and on your birthday, sounds like a very memorable birthday.
    Made you a cake but then we ate it !!

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