Farewell to Spain !

Ahhh… Pintxos…

It’s a love hate relationship, a little like our marriage. You always want them and get excited about them, but there are sooo many Pintxos (P) bars here to choose from. This is part of the problem. They are like a drug of addiction. You go into a bar and you think you will find some better options so you continue your hunt. We don’t want ones with too much bread, we don’t want a bar that has pictures of the food, ( I (Connie) do not trust the authenticity of these places), do we really want P or do we want a solid meal? We go around and around and change our minds and then when we decide we will go for the substantial meal we realize we don’t eat dinner in Spanish time. We are looking for a sit down meal at 7pm and they don’t offer meals until at least 8.

So back to P, because there is always P there teasing at the heart strings. All in all though, San Sebastian is the capital of P and will always leave you wanting just one last P. Now we must go cold turkey and break the addiction, time for some French food… or maybe one last P for breakfast tommorow……….??????

If I may also regress back to our first night in San Sebastian to talk about the glorious beef steak we had. This area is also famous for this particular beef chop and apple cider. There are apparently special places where you can go and eat the steak and drink the cider. We stopped for a steak in a place Matt had recognized from his earlier research of the town. It is restaurant recommended by Michelin, no stars. For me it was just what I needed at the time. We were already overdoing the Pintxos in Logrono and other towns even before we got to San Sebastian, so I really needed something simple, fresh and uncomplicated. I enjoyed this meal so much because it ticked all those boxes and more. The steak was served with a simple buttery green lettuce salad, and home cut/made fries. I loved the fact that they only gave you a few fries because it was all about the steak. The steak could only be ordered for 2 people as a minimum and you would see why when you look at the pictures. There was a lot of fat with the steak but you could cut that away, but boy did it add to the flavor. I asked the waitress if we were meant to eat all of the fat and she said it is best to take a little of the fat with each mouthful of meat.. well ok then, if I must.

We did have wine that night, recommended by the waitress, red of course. They also started the meal with a complimentary Amuse Buche; Creamy white asparagus soup, served cold, with a log of rye wafers. The meal was ended with a shot of rice pudding liquor and warm almond cakes. I hope I always remember that perfect medium rare steak, with the slight taste of BBQ, a hint of salt and juicy juicy meat. Thanks Bodegón Alejandro.

Last go at Pinxtos in San Sebastian


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