Day 15 -17 – San Sebastian; OMG Food Heaven

We are now in San Sebastian in the Basque region of northern Spain. It is truly a foodie’s paradise. We are really spoiling ourselves here and it is in such contrast to our time walking through the Rioja region. We have a great hotel right on the main beach (Concha) with views of an incredible bay. We have been trying all sorts of local delicacies (mainly pintxos) and have even eaten at a 3-star Michelin restaurant (see previous post). Massages, sitting on the beach reading and exploring all the little shops in the old city. 

This place is sort of like the a small section of the French riviera. There are lots of old rich Dames walking around with their “coiffes”(hair-do’s) and gold matching shoes and handbags and lots of hot topless chicks sunning on the beach. There is also a lot of night life, as we have already mentioned, Spanish don’t head out for dinner until 9-10pm on average, and as mentioned, food, food & more food. You can come here and do it on the cheap or ultra extravagant, I imagine we are somewhere in the middle. We arrived at a really good time as there was a weekend of cultural activities, music, dancing & big bands. While I remember, Spanish eat a lot of bread! You get bread with everything! In saying that, I have been quite surprised to see how many places offer gluten free options, even in a few of the bakeries. I guess Spanish people have to deal with the modern age of intolerances as well. Hmm, what else…. food is pretty cheap, really quite surprising what you can eat for a cheap buck, except of course if you go to a 3 star Michelin, but thats a once in a lifetime experience!

View from our Hotel of La Concha beach

One Response to “Day 15 -17 – San Sebastian; OMG Food Heaven”
  1. Miquel says:

    And what about “vinos” in Donostia? Have a safe journey to France!!

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