Day 9 – Lets get out of here

Don’t visit the Segarda Familia at 12 noon on a Sunday – there will be a queue ! It wound around several streets but moved surprising quickly. I watched Connie moving along while I checked footy scores thanks to the MacDonaldsWifi across the street. We don’t normally do “churches” but this was an exception. An incredible work in progress started by Guadi over 100 years ago.

We intended to spend the rest of the day in Bacelona but after witnessing more blatant crime on the metro decided it was time to leave this big city. So we hailed a cab and jumped on the first train up the coast towards Sant Pol De Mar (Ana’s home town).  This train ride was so picturesque as it ran along the beaches outside Barcelona, some nice views, and I am not just talking about the water and sand – mmmm topless !! Because she was not expecting us until the following day we alighted at Areyns, a couple of stops before. It was such a relief to be in this small, picturesque sea side town after having been in Barcelona. We could finally release our grips from our wallets (mine being considerable lighter having been relieved of 150€ in Barcelona – don’t worry, all,good, just cash and no one hurt – just my pride).

Luckily we found some accommodation but had a two hour wait before the owner turned up to give us the key. This time was of course spent sampling the local food and cerveza, and looking around this new town.

NOTE: Thanks for all your comments – they have been fun to read.

Segrada Familia


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