Day 6 – Holy Toledo !

Took our time this morning to not rush off the instant we woke. Took the metro and a bus to the town of Toledo, arriving about 2pm. It’s about an hour from Madrid. The old town is a walled city on top of a hill surrounded by water. We hopped on the tourista train that took us around the city giving us an incredible perspective of the scale of this city. This town used to be the capital of Spain before Madrid. It had influences of Arabic, Jewish and Catholic persuasions.

By luck, we happened on our first pinchos bar while wandering the streets of Toledo.

Pinchos is like tapas but originates from the north of Spain. Each pinchos cost 1.40 € and had a toothpick in it, which you left on your plate so they knew how many to charge you for. Imagine a thick slice of a baguette topped with various options; such as tomato, mozzarella and anchovy or smoked salmon and cheese, of course Jamon (ham) and other such things like crab meat, capsicum and tortilla. We had 4 each for lunch. After a bit more walking around we had a coffee stop, Connie is now converted to espresso coffee due to the lack of Soy milk here.

Back to Madrid, arriving with a couple of hours to spare before we met up with Jessamy for dinner. Bought some new luggage, don’t ask!

Bit of six degrees of separation.

Jessamy is getting married at the Vue Grand next year. She is from Australia but in Madrid for 4 months studying Spanish. She is going to marry Will Kenny who met Connie a few months ago to book the wedding venue. Will’s dad used to teach at Connie’s School, second coincidence that Jessamy was to be in Madrid the same time we could be there. Third coincidence, Jessamy and Connie both used to live in Hawthorn, can you believe it, in the same street!, although Connie lived there some 15 years earlier.

We had dinner in Plaza Santa Ana – a fairly trendy area, with a nice selection of tapas to share, including Bull ravioli.

That’s two national animals we have eaten now……

View of Toledo from Tourista Train

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