Day 5 – Uno Cerveze, Par Favour

Arrived safely in Madrid last night – no more plane trips for 7 weeks – yay ! Miquel, Connie’s Polish cousin, was there to greet us and make us feel welcome to Spain. The quick tutorial on using the Metro will no doubt come in handy.

We are staying in Miquel’s apartment in a suburb of Madrid. Within 10 minutes of arriving at his apartment we were at a local pub eating tapas, drinking local beers and watching a bull fight on tv ! That is pretty weird given that 5 hours ago we were in Helsinki.

Big day today in Madrid city – walked a marathon!

Some first impressions – great Metro system, easier language to pick up (I just add “o” to the end of every word), people eat dinner very late here (10 – 11pm), how busy the city is every night, tapas bar, cafes and restaurants in every second building, Jamon (a kind of less salty version of prosciutto) seems a local staple – another foodies paradise.

We met up with Miquel for both lunch and dinner and he was able to help interpret and order the dishes for us. It’s hard to imagine but we were actually saying please order only a little for dinner and Connie could not even finish her lunch.

A couple of highlights of the day – Miquel convinced us to go to Museo del Prado and we were glad we did even though it was big enough to spend 5 hours looking through. Our Siesta in Parque del Retiro beside the lake was a great way to ensure we were able to last out the rest of the day and night!

Muchos Gracias for reading !


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