Day 4 – Helsinki

Today we say “Hei Hei” to Finland. This blog entry is being written from the airport as we wait to board our flight to Spain.

Early start on another cold day in Helsinki but no rain at least. Breakfast in Market Square was Finnish Meat pie and jam doughnut from our favourite stall. Spent next few hours walking around the City reminiscing about the day we arrived and how familiar the city is today. Tried hard to hold out to noon before eating again – this is the new rule otherwise we will be charged excess gut baggage on next flight.

We found a small indoor market selling local produce where there were many tempting delicacies to try for lunch. Spent a long time perusing – oohing and aahing as we went. Interesting to note the variety of Australian and NZ wine on offer we saw here and in restaurants. We settled on a couple of salmon dishes – see photo. More walking so Connie could find a sour cheesecake for dessert.

“Kiitos” Finland for our great time here.

Note 1 : Having some luggage malfunctions – new luggage in Madrid will need to be a priority.

Note 2 : It will be the last time a Finnish air hostess will tell us to make sure our mobile phones are switched “orf”.

This is why we didn't bother learning the language

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