Day 2 – Helsinki, Finland

Hei from Finland ! Today we ate Rudolf, among other things. Not a lot to do when arriving in Helsinki at 6am on a Sunday. Lots of cleaning up from the night before and nothing open, especially not our hotel. So we filled in time with a continental breakfast at the Scandi Hotel and a lot of wandering around. Connie enjoyed the breakfast, slightly Polish in style, pickled herring, cold cut meats, rye bread and so on, strawberry soup anyone? We found Information and finally dropped off our luggage at our Hotel – “Finn” at 10am. Market square is where you see our photo. Reindeer seemed to be the local delicacy at the Sunday market. We shared a plate of reindeer meats balls, mozzarella sticks and other stuff. Connie also enjoyed a salmon soup with lemon overtones, dill, small cubes of potato and fresh wild salmon, also a little similar to a polish soup she recalls. Matt already comparing a few local beers along the way.

We decided to take a cruise around Helsinki Habour where we learnt about the history of this area from the 16th century. Lots of Vikings apparently but now all we saw was luxury homes and boats around a beautiful island archipelago. The Helsinkians seem like an eclectic people – strange dress sense but friendly. We watched a very strange outdoor DJ techno performance in the evening before a very light dinner. 24 hours of travel can make you very tired and I think we began hallucinating around 9pm. Strangely, as I write this entry at 10:00pm it is still eerily light outside. Hopefully darkness will come soon.

Eurovision song contest final tonight…mmmmm……..

Sorry Rudolf

2 Responses to “Day 2 – Helsinki, Finland”
  1. Annie sister says:

    Hei to you two gastronomes : )
    At least for the first post I shall write a brief reply of – yay for your safe arrival and less yay for Rudolph!
    Enjoy enjoy little sister. Xx

  2. Cazz says:

    Hey guys…hope you don’t mind another stalker…I can live Vicariously through you. What an exciting adventure already! (not sure how santa will feel about the reindeer meal though??)

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