Day 1 – Getting there

I guess our journey starts in Portarlington on Friday the 13th (of all days) with hugs for Moby who doesn’t know what he is in for over the next 8 weeks. Chris takes us into Geelong where we catch a train to Melbourne. Elissa and Lucy are there to meet us and we make our way to Bundoora for dinner and an early night. Of course Elissa and Connie agree on a detour to Brunetti’s just off Lygon St to start the Gastronomic Odyssey with a coffee and a few macaroons.

We meet our taxi bleary eyed at 4.45am and we make our to Melbourne airport with plenty of time to spare. Our flight to Hong Kong is long but uneventful, we arrive at local time 3:05pm Saturday the 14th. Here we make a slight stuff up going through transit, which results in us being unable to leave the airport despite seeking help from an assortment of airport officials. Ok, only a 9 hour wait for the connecting flight to Helsinki!! Hmm…… how do you fill in 9 hours in an airport the size of a small city. Well our first real overseas Gastronomic experience takes place in Hong Kong Airport. Then we lash out for a shower and a bed – in the airport. Stay tuned…

Cooking Mama 360 Restaurant - Hong Kong Airport

2 Responses to “Day 1 – Getting there”
  1. Connie says:

    Getting excited now … Love what you have done with the blog Hubby xx

  2. Matt says:

    Hi guys, Lucy and I loved our messages that you left. What a shame you couldn’t leave the airport but glad you were able to add to your Gastronomical Odyssey adventure. Missing you already. Lucy was looking for you both in the morning!! She ran into her bedroom and threw back the covers on the spare bed… I think she thought the two of you were hiding under there. Love to you both x

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