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Matt’s 50 Memorable Moments

Sleeping and Showering in Hong Kong airport Wandering around Helsinki at 6am on a Sunday morning waiting for cafes and hotels to start opening. Eating national animals – Reindeer Rissoles in Helsinki, Bull Ravioli in Madrid Going to bed in bright light at 10:30pm in Helsinki Being in Helsinki when Finland won the 2011 Ice … Continue reading

Honkers – Hot, Hot, Hot !

I (Matt) had forgotton what the heat is like in Hong Kong. As you leave the airconditioning of the airport you wilt. Especially after leaving Poland where it had been quite cool the days before. The two flights it took to get here (we had to go via Helsinki) meant a combined time of 11 hours flying ! Despite … Continue reading

Warsaw – Wet, Wet, Wet !

Our time in Warsaw was largely about catching up with Connie’s family. Just as well really, as the weather did not allow for a lot else. We were lucky enough to be able to stay with Agi in her apartment, 30 minutes out of Warsaw city and from there is was easy to catch up … Continue reading

Remember us??

Hi all, Yes we are nearly on our way home after 2 months…eeek. Excited, nervous, veryvery tired, hot & sweaty, very full after our final lunch here, another huge blister on my foot & a bad throat (Connie) but ready to go. We have time for one final chinese massage or maybe we will just … Continue reading

Srem – Family, Fishing, Food and 4WD’ing

After leaving Krakow we made our way up to Warsaw, we had one night there,  a nice catch up with some of my family, and as always, a home made meal prepared by Stasia. She still makes her beautiful home made noodles for her chicken soup. This is my third time to Poland, including Warsaw, … Continue reading

A Kraking good time in Krakow

Firstly, as this is meant to be a Gastronomical tour, I (Connie) forgot to mention the surprising availability of Foie Gras and various duck/goose products and menu items in Budapest. Duck or Goose liver featured on many menus and was quite affordable as well. I also enjoy the way the eastern Europeans use berries a … Continue reading

Buda + Pest = Winner

No money, no water and no accommodation…. This is how we turned up to Budapest at 10.30pm off the train. It was a big day starting in Plitvice lakes, 2 hours busing to Zagreb, 4 hours to spend in Zagreb and then 6 hours on the train to Budapest. We were so thirsty but first … Continue reading

Plitvice Lakes – Simply Amazing !!!!!

Well it was certainly worth the wait and measured up to all the plaudits from people who have already seen it : “You must go to Plitvice Lakes, it would be a crime to miss it” “The best thing in Croatia” Stuff like that. I (Matt) wasn’t sure what to expect but it certainly exceeded … Continue reading

In Rab with Baba

Well, despite the ferry incident and the numerous modes of transport, we finally made it to the island of Rab and indeed the town of Rab. We are glad we made the effort. Rab is a more sophisticated version of Baska, with a better quality of shops and restaurants. We decided to stay right in … Continue reading

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